Business Ethics 2013/5.

Business Ethics


Table of Contents



Birher Nándor     Rules of the Community

Kiss Endre           Fear, Theories of Democracy and Methodologies of Science

Balogh Gábor      Conflict Management

Szilágyi István     Geopolitics in the Mediterranean: theory and practice



Garaczi Imre        Risk Models and Social Movements

Kiss Károly         A Few Sentences on Sustainability/In Short on Sustainability


Hungarian Studies

Duray Miklós      The Principles of National Policy Programme Formation

Varga Csaba        A New Conception of the Nation and a New National Strategy



Molnár Melinda   On the Nature of Irony

Tóth Judit            Contemporary Transformations of Villages: Kungyalu

Balogh Adrienn   Anti-Corruption Strategies in Public Education

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